Version 0.3.0 is out!

Help needed (01/12/2008)

There are a few things on this topic:

Version 0.3.0 (01/07/2008)

This new release contains an improved searcher engine and it supports plug-ins!
If you feel like something is missing on AutoLyrix, feel free to write a plugin! More info here.

New Filters (01/06/2007)

If you create a new filter, check the FAQ to know the procedure to have this new filter added to the current filters.

What's next? (06/17/2007)

Do you have a suggestion? Want to request a new feature? Send me an email!
I would love to have some feedback right now.

AutoLyrix and Mono (06/17/2007)

Yes, that's right! Now you can use AutoLyrix on Linux! I successfully downloaded lyrics/albumart using XMMS!

How to find a word inside a Lyric?(06/17/2007)

Hmmmm so the song have been playing for a while and you want to follow the song reading the lyric.. but is hard to find where in the lyric the song is, right? (If it is a big lyric)
Well, here is a solution:
- Press Ctrl+F to enter the Find mode
- Start typing a word
- AutoLyrix will find the word and highlight it for you
- You can press Alt+N (Next) to find that word again in the same lyric
- Press ESC (Escape) to go back to the normal mode